Blood Surfer City Songtext


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Blood Surfer City Songtext
Few years from now

A man in black

Had god's serial no. 2205

Was a perfect creation

Had a little thing/ about surfers
Deeply in hate/ with posers surfers

At beach of Venice

In land of beautiful lies

In this bloody city

Did not like/ our surfer's pretty

Role in play of his life

Seemed to be termination

Of a sonic surfer nation

Man in black sang:

Blood surfer city-
Bloody surfer city

Designed armour in black

Another pity

Came by touch of water

Muting into killer shark

First surfers went to heaven

Week later eleven

Lost in space/ in poser's race

Only some brave surfidiots

Swinging their positive power

In waves, passing every hour

Canvas of Venice painted in red

Camouflage called

Energy in/ bazooka'd him to pieces

Which were shown to drooling public

Sharkman gave a final smile

When puzzling back died in peace

God gave him nobel-

And George-Cross medal. Sonic star