Bless The Food Songtext

Che Noir

von Food For Thought

Bless The Food Songtext
Yunno, people always asking me what's the key to success
And I just tell 'em Its simple, its prayer and God, perseverance
It's all food for thought but yunno before you eat you gotta bless the food, right?
Everything I ever prayed for I got it

Look, Tattoos on my ribs, a bible scripture I always knew what God had for me
I'm still fighting demons, shit like mortal combat to me
Fuck friends, I need more shooters
My losses turned me to a sore loser, cut from a different cloth you a poor booster
Can't see my worth 'lеss you know me well, from a lonely hеll, to make it, I was the holy grail
Responsibilities play stoners, we was only twelve
Missing school to babysit your siblings and doing ponytails