Black Liquid Songtext
[Jingle Bel]
Off goes the alarm clock
Why did my day have to start on a bad note?
Classes start at ten, but it's half past twelve
Gotta drop this class
Hope I don't fail, slip on the jeans and a tee
Check I guess it's time to do work
Make my class at one o'clock, grab the white smock
Pour the contents from beaker A, to beaker B
So we got C, big deal, no frills
So I grabbed the bunsen burner
Watch how I turned the whole room, kaboom!
Nope I'm just kidding, now won'tcha listen
Spin was on a mission
He grabbed the black liquid, and put it to his mouth
[glug glug, glug, cough cough, PUKE]
You know I bugged out, but you ain't heard shit!
This nigga picked up the bin, what did he intend
Then I heard a crazy laugh, people started to gasp
in amazement, and this is how his rage went

Uh-oh, uh-oh! Watch out, get back man!
He's goin crazy man..

[Spin 4th]
Somehow this liquid gave me the skill beyond the real
I feel like steel it seems immense so intense
Easily I flip a style
? of miles unto the ozone
which is the upper atmosphere, I fear
pollution no solution for the greenhouse effect
which causes wreck, on the environment
Wait, I have a large information tape
for I can't stop, the mad flow shock
In proportions and distortions
The condition they blocked, the brain wants melodies constantly
Demolition for plex, the text by your mission has finesse
Running like the CPU, of an Apple Mac
Or start the Windows 5.0, hard drive attached
to learn to program and scram through the non skill ills
or stay to play the piper
Mister Piper, smooth like mica, fiber, glass
Amass, transform to titanium
Uranium, I'm buggin, trippin, ? ha hah!
Now I rule the world, and get all the girls
Demolish, thieves, SSL go to hell
Huh, get some of deez
Oh my God, my concern is large
So be on your guard, cause I'm come rippin rippin rippin
it hard, I rip invert crazy
Crazy precise, heavy particles, of audible delectable
incredible inject the flow, how now you know
that I go and go, on and on and on
So no, you could not stop me, I rock G
Nigga - what? Get off me! GET OFF OF ME!!!

[Jingle Bel]
But on the for real I would like to say
Big ups to St. Awl, Troy U, ? University, Howard
Spelman, Morehouse, Northford State
North Carolina Central, North Carolina A&T
New York College
You know NYU, Malcolm X, Winston-Salem State
And ALLLLLL my people out there, stay in school!
Please, please
Or you'll have umm.. nuts like these running your country
[both laughing]