Black Flame Songtext
While the deceitful beats the drums with all their might
The uncle thunder strikes in time
I will forfeit for my own sins, I will resign
But my revenge is more than pride

Black flame, burn everything being fake, traitors who taint their names
Are not ashamed to be gutless and mean
Hell's not a challenge for me, I know who I wanna be
Homeland, do wait till I come back to you
Beliefs, and the prophets, the curses
Will not change my mind, my stories
I own my life, don't deny
Not him, and not her, only I!

Beliefs, and the curses, the prophets
Will not change my sight, my trophies
I own my life, don't deny
Not you, not them, only I!

You'll see me walk the ardent coal with my bare feet
I am myself an evil spirit
Give up your faults and let me show you, let me teach
How karma laughs and justice winks