Black And Blue Songtext


von TRUE

Black And Blue Songtext
How am I ever gonna get my head screwed back on?
You chewed me up and spit me up and left me here all alone.
You beat me up, broke me down.
Pieces of me scattered all around, I'm black and blue, black and blue.

How I ever land up here in a smokey hotel?
Me I'm blinking through the curtains and I'm hurting like hell.
I see the streets, I smell the rain
But I don't feel the goddam thing pain, I'm black and blue. Black and blue
I close my eyes and I see you standing there.
And I reach for you and you vanish in thin air.
Couldn't care the time to say goodbye.
Ripped out my heart and left me here, I'm black and blue, black and blue!

So here I am looking down at the cold thin air lives.
Just another pair of eyes in the darkness tonight.
You took everything that I had to give, you even took away my world to live,
I'm black and blue, black and blue.

(Thanks to carol for these lyrics)