Back Up Songtext


von Broken

Back Up Songtext
Oh my gosh (hey)
Oh my- Bitch! (is that big plug over there?)
Bitch! (Oh my gosh)
Bitch! (Oh my gosh)
Bruh that Xanman
Bruh look bruh
On god look

That big plug nigga oh my god
That big drake nigga ain't no job
Might turn a plug he a whoop yo opps
Met a white plug like that nigga on (?)
One on one with an opp that shit get scary
Got a black bitch like Jay Black Mary
(?) feel like i'm an arias
Can't find his body nigga ask for his (?)
Take his dog to the back but its not veterinary
What the fuck?
These niggas weird
Put my gun in the air like we bout to do cheers
Lil white bitch, Hi Britany Spears!
Lil white bitch, Hi Becca!
Send him a zip, Brock Lesnar!
Hoes in the house, Hugh Hefner!
Sharpen the stone, Rosetta!
Bitch i was locked, get no letters
Put a stick in my hand im the Alpha Omega
Found a migo bitch in the quinceanera
I can shoot it but i cannot spell baretta
Im broke
Bitch on the phone like who is this?
Hol up Xan im a fan dont act like a lunatic
Bitch! You don't know my name then Google it
Bitch! he said he robbed me thats foolishness
I can show you what that stick do
Ima shoot give you a signal
He only hot in instrumentals
(Hi Becca)
Hey bitch stop cappin yo brother ain't gon slide
If i hit you
Bitch! You got herpes i don't want to see what that lip do
Bitch! Ima glass yo ass
Ima punch you right in yo shit bitch