Back From Your Love Songtext

Sarah Connor

von Real Love

Back From Your Love Songtext
[Verse 1:]
Tears are falling faster than I hold them back
It's only morning, I've got the whole day to try and change that
I remember "Forever" was you're every other word
And now we're not together, we can be apart forever
And there's nothing I can do about that

[Verse 2:]
Thought you were my saviour, but you only tried to save yourself
Left me underwater, now I'm left to only help myself
Swimming through the feelings, that for you had lost their meaninc
And there's nothing I can do about that
And now you're with whoever, you can lie about forever
Cause I already know about that

I'm back from your love
Not about to rebound
This girl's gonna turnaround
No more of your love
A little more wiser
Now I'm gonna rise above
The little girl who believed
Whose little heart was deceived
Tears I already shed
Dishonest words were misled
Forevers that you always said