Autonomy Songtext
You can always tell cause you know me well
With my pupils wide I'm under casted spell
I paint a picture for miles
And hang it on the wall
So if my memory fades I can still recall
Oh a sharp turn can change everything
Energy flows in every direction
And some days I wish I had some white out
And if did theres never enough time
Energy flows in every direction
And some day I hope to figure it out
To busy looking froward to begin in the now
I try to slow down and pace
But i don't know how
Sitting idle for hours has turned into days
Consumed by my thoughts of you
In another place
Someday I'd like to play a part in my life
I've waited to start
I bet I could live it well
If I take deep breaths and exhale
So little time what am I do to
I want my cake and I want to taste it too
Is that really so much to ask for
You got your head up into the clouds
You want to live in glorious autonomy
Oh that's what it really comes down to