Astronauts Songtext
My Thursday starts out with me alone, again
And if I had my way, we'd be in love
I look right back on it
I think if had twice the brain I'd solve it
But now I'm left dissecting half
I'm in the darkest places
And all I really want is familiar faces

So I look to the sky for answers
And no one answers
I look to the sky to check the rafters
To check the rafters

I walk an empty street, just me
I pray for shadows please, company
My only friend, on my side
I've come to conclusions
And in the end all I show are contusions
So I will rest, my doctor says
I'll end in affluence
My injuries heal into congruence

So I look to the sky for answers, oh an answer
And mister sky breathes love
In myself so I can make it through the day
Rise above the blackend
And fly above the sidewalks
And we'll forget the madness as we fly

High beyond it each new day
Cast the rockets off
Cause we're the astronauts