Anus Of Uranus Songtext


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Anus Of Uranus Songtext
Late last night
While wishing on a star
Down from the sky
Came a man in a car
He said "Get in Jackson
Come on, let's go for a ride"
Outta sight

Sitting in a cockpit
Strapped down in a chair
I said "Hey, tell me
What's that over there?"
He said "Meet my computer
He's a friendly son-of-a-gun"
And we're having fun

Playing cards on Venus
In a cloudy room
Pass a glass of ammonia
I've got to get off soon
Sunbathing on Mercury
Or jamming on Jupiter
Which do you prefer?

It's getting pretty late
I got to go home
Nice to have met you
What's your telephone?
Maybe soon I'll call you
If I can afford the fare It's long distance out there

Anus of Uranus
He's a friend of mine
He's a first rate party
And a real fine time