Anthony Joshua Skit Songtext


von Uno Uno

Anthony Joshua Skit Songtext
This message right here is from Anthony Joshua, and I'm sending it to my bro, DTB, Dezzie Too Busy you know!
Big respect to your thing always
I love what you do and I respect to you as a human
As they say in life "When one rises, we all rise, and when one falls we all fall"
And how I feel is that even though we didn't grow up in the same area and our bloodline didn't come from the same heritage, it's still one of them situations where we're in the same situation.
And when I watch you rise I feel like I rise
And you should feel as if "If I ever fall you should feel like you fall"
Because we stand side-by-side in the journey to success
So as you walk with vision and look by faith, you take calculated steps to your success.
So wishing you more life and more blessings
More blessings and more prosperity
More prosperity and more success
Keep on striving to do better
And always think of the next generation
When you're puttin' out them hits and them bangers
Just know your music echoes around the world and you're sending out a serious message
Shoutout to the T boys
Shoutout to everyone that's doing their thing
Shoutout to OFB, you got my support
More life and more blessings, brother

Sykes, skyes