Angola Rodeo Songtext
Twenty-five to life deep in the swamps of the LSP
There's no way out, but you can have a chance to feel free
Old Burl Cain's been known to put on a show
I'm gonna take my chance at the Angola rodeo
So while I do my time I'm gonna rope me some bovines
And be a king for a day, if it's only for a little while

I'll be an all-'round cowboy ropin' like Cadillac Jack
Ride a mustang 'round the ring, no saddle, it's called bareback
So when they open up that chute, I'll take the chit right off that brute
I'll have my commissary stocked with all my rodeo loot

Well, I found myself starin' down the nose of a Brahma bull
I got weak in my knees and the sweat started to pool
But he stopped, it seemed, just chasin' me around the ring
I shot up that wall just searchin' for somewhere to cling
I saw blood drippin' down his horn, I knew then that I'd been gored
Hell, anything's better than sittin' in a cell bein' bored

I spent sixteen weeks just healin' in infirmary
Compared to Camp J that was quite a luxury
"So, doctor, please, get me some morphine
And go easy on me, buddy, 'cause those beasts can't conquer me"
You know I'll be here next year, I got nothin' left to fear
And when you're in that cell you can shed a couple of tears