America Songtext
Get into the mood for worldwide confrontation
Wise up to the words of Haig delivered through Reagan
Exposing a commie campaign for world domination
Let's have some more mass extermination
Genocide down at the Sumpul river
Children of eight can go and get raped
Why don't you get a bayonet -
mince up a peasant or two?
Remember remember America's right behind you!
At all costs we've got to stop the Reds
Who wants to hear about 1000 peasants lying dead

Remember the 50s and Mr. MacCarthy
Let's have a witch hunt and nuclear party
Reagan on TV - what a nice kind of guy
He appears on the news without collar and tie
He could press the button and he would survive
He could rule the world cos he's got God on his side

Paranoia in America