All My Friends Songtext

The XYZ Affair

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All My Friends Songtext
Dare I say my transformation started only with clothes
I cashed in young and bought full catalogues, I was seasonally robed
You fear I'm swallowed, know that I'm the one who sips at their cup
Drink down this business spirit, now I found I'm the first to have grown up

Dare I say my education was less than I hoped it would be
Is it unfair to say my mind is more weathered from one less degree
Anonymously writing all your work while perfecting my form
I'm charged to master all these demons, dear, so it shall be done
Providence clearly smiled on me/ My name is Andrew I tower with the trees
Left rock for God and I won't turn back/ My name is Lazer all my friends call me Max

My presence went unnoted till I spoke up when I was 16
The plastered walls, like clarion calls, the parochial brats followed me
My private school uprising fooled my way to faux martyrdom
This windy city blows my hopes and dreams in the hopes that they'll come

My head still grew though I was full grown/ My name is Andre I was raised on the Rhone
I've learned just about everything/ My name is Leonard all my friends call me King

Let's not forget about our two beloved foreigners
The Russian and the Persian who spend all their time in stoned corners
Daniel's well prepared to settle down and wed at his lady's whim
And Edmond is believed lost because his mother's searching for him

When I was young I did the Ricky Vaughn twice in one summer
We raised in soft surroundings needed to be harder somehow
I found the sweetest angel, years went by before I broke down her front
Before she left, that angel beat me so bad, I swore it was Altamont
And now your stories will not fill what I led slip through my hands
I will not drink a drop, but raise a glass to all of my friends

I found a way to remain 19/ My name is Jonathan I've just kissed a dream
Bred since birth to be chief Primate/ My name is Levi I'm leading the apes
These doctors put me in such a rut/ My name is Michael all the chicks hate my guts
I've learned just about everything/ I am Ignatius, all your friends call me king