A New Heart Open Songtext

Martin Finke

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A New Heart Open Songtext
You coached my body
You trained my body well
You came to see me
You came to see my house

The wind on Achill
The wind on ancient Achill
Played a part
Must have played a part
A new heart open
A country song chord's hoping
A laughing backboard
A happy shaking backboard

You know that I
You know that I can feel
Feel all your interest
Feel your regard for me

And when we party
Out on the balcony
You know I need you
I'm always close to you

Don't stop the car
Don't turn the engine off
Don't pause the ride
Until I've been the one
This loving thing we've got
Your arms are like a raincoat
This lovely day I spend with you
We're reading from the same page