A Msg From Mgmt... Songtext

AG Club

von Fuck Your Expectations Pt. 1

A Msg From Mgmt... Songtext
Jody, um, I find it amusing that you don't answer my calls
Um, I find it amusing that BabyBoy doesn't respond to my fucking texts
I got a charge for [censored] dollars on the credit card today, rather a notification
And when I asked Johnny Wong what it was for, he said it was for an AirBnB in [censored]
So you guys can, uh, go on a writers retreat to record your next album
Um, guys, the first fucking album isn't done yet
Fuck Your Expectations is not finished yet
It was due four fucking months ago
Guys, finish the fucking album
Turn it in
And then let's have a conversation about when and where you record the next project
Please, please, you're giving me a fucking migraine