41 World Intro Songtext


von 41 World (Not The Album)

41 World Intro Songtext
Grr, Boom!
Hah, huh, every opp shot nigga
Everything dead, bitch 41 shots in the head (Fuck it)
Yo man what's the word its ya boy KR the G!
Its Carter Dickhead, we outside
Grahh, Grahh, Grahh!
Yo, it’s Jenn Carter
Its ya boy TaTa we outside (Huh, Grah, grah, like damn!) Boom!
([?] I fuck with you [?])
—In the building
We got 41 in the building (Grr! Boom!)
It’s ya boy TaTa, every opp shot, everything dead
KR with me Jenn Carter
4’s outside man its a fucking movie