40 Acres and a Fool Songtext

The Del McCoury Band

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40 Acres and a Fool Songtext
My new neighbor from the city
Bought forty acres up the road
He made his money in the market
Now he's wearing cowboy clothes
He's got no cows or chickens
But the hat and boots look cool
When he parties on the weekend
Forty acres and a fool

He says he's getting in to ranching
He's got a pretty trophy wife
Set her up in a Mcmansion
But now he's trying to wreck my life
He drives around in his new Hummer
I tell my kids "don't walk to school"
Took out my mailbox, squashed a possum
Forty acres and a fool

He don't need to borrow nuthin'
'Cause he's got one of every tool
Installed a laptop on his Bobcat
Then drove it right into the pool
I never see his hands get dirty
And I'm not jealous as a rule
Can't get used to living next to
Forty acres and a fool

He goes to Cancun in the winter
I get relief for a week or two
Then he's back here with a vengeance
Sometimes life can be so cruel
The county officials are his buddies
He uses money like a tool
He wines and dines them on the weekends
What's this country coming to?
Forty acres and a fool