2nd Best Songtext
My attention has been diverted now it's hard to believe
And I've dropped to my knees now subject to this disease
And I watch all my friends, they go through it as well
Now we cash in our chips to spend one more night in hell

STI's and STD'S pale when compared to this disease
Habitual trends, debauchery, alcohol and r-33!

I'm sick of hearing my broken heart try to beat
And I'm sick of trying to understand life and what it means
And I can't bare this load anymore
So I'm dropping it all off at the liquor store- go!

So we'll drink away the oversea's
Then zoot away the proud to be's
Smoke for lack of compensation
And pop-away extermination
I can't eat I can't sleep I can't puke! [x4]
Fuck you!