You're My Destination Songtext

Holly Unplugged

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You're My Destination Songtext
Wings are made for flying
Feet are made for walking
Tears are made for crying
Mouths are made for talking
Everything has his own Destination
You're not the reason for my Resignation

Heaven sent you down
To save me from drown

You're here to heal
'Cause I can't feel

You're the one I'm sure
'Cause alone I can't cure

I want you to pave
The way for me 'cause I can't save

Without you it's so still
I need you so that I don't kill

My Wings are made to fly to you
My Feet are made to walk to you
My Tears are made to cry for you
My Mouth is made to tell you "I love you"
You're my Destination
This is not your Resignation

Maybe you've noticed
How I meant this
And if not
I'll have a shot
At this again
Look, it's just when
You're here
Or I hear
Your voice
I'm so happy
You're just beautiful
And to me you're wonderful


Without you now
I wouldn't exactly know
If I'd end it with a knife.
Anyway darling you're my Life