You Songtext
(T-To Me, Girl. Oh it's you)
No matter what they say you do
You know we got the whole city and we ridin' for you, you
And when the kids get big they gon try and do it big like
you, you, you, you,
They gon try and do it big like you, you, you, you
They gon try and do it big like you
It's a lot on my back like J-Lo
Heaven on Earth, all I'm missing is a halo
Won't stop till I'm the greatest on my label
When I'm all GOOD music, that's the greatest of the labels
Its hard tryna build a palace out of legos
19 got it in early like eggos
Never did anything illegal for a payroll
So without Cain I was always Abel, GET IT?
You dumb with it if you ain't able
Life is better with bread like mayo
So I was young like how we gon get payed bro
Now I'm on rodeo, fresher than a day old, you know
And I know the whole world is gon see me
Mamma do I look better on TV
I know them haters irritated as a STD
Man tell them niggas be easy, man BE EASY
Man I be better, than whoever, for forever in a year
I put it on my ma dear
I love the limelight shine bright HA-BINGG
19 living out a niggas pipe dream
I'm so legitimate
it would be ignorant
If you were not to consider this, from a true lyricist
Unless they hatin' on a nigga like Jena 6