You Meant What She Thought I Said Songtext


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You Meant What She Thought I Said Songtext
Streams of mercury

decaying arteries

furious, insect-like desperation

mechanical intensity

solidified organically
automated pseudo-replication

For the first time you will see hundreds of insects

You will learn of putrefied painful elegance

Hear the worms flee to pavement to escape the rain

Earth seems to breathe under leaves - see it undulate



Rational, logical

Struggling awkwardly

perfect calm intensity

repulsive fingers disappear in bile

adjacent blinding light

kick crushes windpipe

now choke yourself, it is a frightening smile

For the last time; perfectly calm intensity

Pool of 000000 light on the monolithic machine

See the worms flee to the Earth to escape the light

Electronic dinosaur speeds into the night


translucent silhouette

cannibalized hypnotic amnion

blissful metal carcass

weed-like neon glass

a shimmering apparition then it's gone