Yes I Songtext
Yes iiii
Mc smally yeah dats ma name, guna go by da flow gonna play the game,
guna rol the dice, once or twice
pushin an a feelin nice, u got me, u got me rushin the maa
bit a bad boy , pull up the shots so we cum dancing down
Yes i , pass us the mike, hold on tight bit a bad boy,
guna feel alright, its the mc smalley 1 2 3
Sh'all goin out to the prest lee... ye is wicked
hummin n a bum n a kickin the bass, mc smalley gunna win this race
i'm the best mc to walk on this globe,
wanna jump on the mike im 11 years old
M c smally yes i am the best, if u dont no im from the north west

Yes 1 , cumin on hyper cumin on strong
Prest lees bad boys with our guns, we'll blow ya liver n blow ya lungs

Yes wicked
cumin up again yes iii
b a m we got the bassline, so curse lee dont mess with us
dont give one out cos i am da buzz, 1 bad boy aint gonna do this
hard-er-ly ever ever they take the piss

Yes iiiii
U no the sound inside rock to the beat rock to the bassline

ye is wicked

all u mcs get ready for me , its the mc small from prest lee one fuckin
is to the mike, yeah nice and easy cos i live a life thats smokin free
dont wanna head and a dont wanna beat
cos dont give me a hoe naa give me a lite while smokin another
pne time bad boys through out this mc , ride with the beat while rockin
with me
ye jump up the right maa son, lose to the DJ , hold my grand check
one time bad boys thruout this mc, ride with the beat while rocknig with
check check live an direct, lose to the man muthat fuckin hit... yes
cumin up agen, DJ bad boy ride with him, ride with him. ride with the
dont give it him when they cumin on nuttin, mc smally yeah thats ma name
jump ump ump i go like a plane, yes iiii, siii to that. hus at the mc yes
i correct

comin on back like a racin nova, how u winnin start bubblin chris, one
time bad boys gonna take the piss
one time u no the score see mc small u no u want more
just giv me a shout or knock on my door, i'm the best mc to walk no this
yes yes..... give the dj bit of time