Wrath of Admiration Songtext
You're gravely mistaken
Its your soul I'll be taking
Wrath of admiration
Has lead me here
It seems so clear
The gratitude i gave
Has lead me to be a slave
You will not die fast
I slay for the past
I try to stop
I wish i could
I hope this lesson will make
You bleed
This will make you believe
I used to envy you
Instead i killed you
The knife cuts deeper
Your blood drains out
There's no other way
Why did you sell out
Understand your family will have to pray
For your soul to rest
Because of the knife in your chest
I carved into you because of my
Wrath of admiration
Because of this we are both equal
But there will be no sequal for you
My sins have taken my mind away
Your lies have left you with no more
Aren't you glad we settled the score