Who Got Ya Songtext


von Gorilla Monsoon

Who Got Ya Songtext
Uh, uh
Turn this shit the fuck up
Uh, yea
Yo ya bitches sittin' over there turn the fuck up
Ya didn’t hear me? Turn my shit the fuck up
Walk right in the booth with the headphones on nigga

Who got ya?
These bars'll knock ya cheek to the oppa
Sit side of ya face collide with the bass then its on nigga
Fuck all that shit you been listenin' to
I been nice since G Funk was comin’ to see me in that vistin' room
Look at all the shit that I give to you
And i expect nothin' in return
I'll body you, fuck ya bitch, then nut inside ya urn
Nobody gave me nothin homie this is what I earn
Now I can wait my turn
Or I can fuck the whole industry with my words
Raw dog like Usher and let it burn
But I chose to take the art in my hands
Cuz Waitin' for a record deal was never part of the plan
Started writin' bars for the gram'
Cause in my mind I knew none of these rappers stood a chance to spar wit ya man
Fam, I ain't get no advance
I ain’t get no money put inside my hands
I did it for the fans
I did it so you could understand
That when you put me next to any rapper I’m way advanced
Who got ya?
Now i see my sons copying my blueprint
Boogie boardin' my wave acting like I’m stupid
Well listen Duke I'm happy I could inspire you
Just know the day we go face to face I will retire you
Fire you
Broken jaw wire you
Expire you
Me die before you
You liar you
Who got ya?
You know I got more for sure
I'm in ya hood dolo movin' merch door to door
House to house floor to floor
Made a hundred racks last year without a website or a store
All hustle fat boy all muscle
Right hook’ll make ya jaw buckle
It'll only takes one fist four knuckles
You could get it
The key to life remain humble stay consistent
I saw the light excite all the freaks
Sell in a day and drop new shit every week
I'm not these other rappers I be doin' what I speak
Sweatin' in the summer while you coolin' at the beach
These dudes think hustlin' is sendin' out a tweet
She wit me givin' toppy while you DM her your meat
Homie you a creep
You a weirdo you a freak
Jumpin' crew to crew that just shows me that you're weak
I'm out here with the fans
Takin' pictures for the ‘gram in the streets
While you dying you're dirty dreads with bleach
I put my soul into these raps everyday I sacrifice
So you could have some real shit in ya life
Who Got Ya?