Where You Want Me Songtext

Pete Lesperance

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Where You Want Me Songtext
I'm acting like I don't care
I'm sick of getting nowhere
Wasting time
It's only my life
I try to run but you still find me
I try to hide but it's too late for me
Cause you know where I'll be

Right where you want me
Where you know that you want me to be
I'm right where you want me
And I don't know how I'm never gonna leave
You know I could never leave

You're telling lies I don't care
I'll tell you why you're running out of time
I'm changing my mind
And talking tough it comes so easy
But words can never break your hold on me
And now I'm on my knees
And maybe you'll save me
And maybe you won't
But I'm waiting on you and you alone
So don't let go