Where You Know Me From Songtext


von Gorilla Monsoon

Where You Know Me From Songtext
Hunnit shots (brrrrrat!)
I only need one though (hahahaha!)
I mean y’all niggas been livin’ good
Niggas been shinin’, all that
I been out here grindin’
It’s my turn
Fuck ya lyfe until the casket drops
Fuck ya lyfe until the casket drops

Niggas get paroled to a shelter
Ramen noodles for they first meal, shit
They ain’t eating right
Just did a decade
Happy to be home with a job
Wear they reflector vest to sleep at night
Them niggas there know that I’m the dopest
You in the crib hating smoking blunts filled with roaches
I get it in with the shooters
While you five deep, zero bitches, chippin’ in for hookah
Fat nigga $$$$$$ on my arm piece
Cuban cigar, sippin’ Zimas out in Palm Beach
That body from 04’ still haunts me
Bitch shut ya mother fuckin mouth when the Don speak
It’s kinda hard to have dreams and aspirations
When the time don’t run out on the statute of limitations
Armed robberies I snatch it no hesitation
I’m a Coney Island legend the statue’s in front of Nathan’s
They shot homie at the dice game took all his cheddar
I’m just mad they killed him ‘fore he got to four or better
They looked at me and passed his cash and watch
Said NEMS it’s Fuck Ya Lyfe until the casket drops
We bout all that nigga
In these streets showin’ and provin’
The gram couldn't tell you half the shit that I be doin’
In ya hood more than you are, keepin’ the brand movin’
G’s on our heads but we the ones doin’ the shootin’ (Bahng!)
Nah, fuck it, I don’t wanna stop
AK ya whole fuckin’ building, nigga I don’t want the Glock
Shoot at ya head, fuck a warning shot
Snuffin’ industry niggas at parties like I don't wanna pop
GORILLA NEMS I’m that nigga they hate
Buck fifty through the window while you sit in your Wraith
I told her chill gunther get in your place
Tried to call me by my government I spit in her face

Where you know me from?
(Yo state ya name, ya zip code, social security, ATM, EBT, all that)
Where you know me from?
(Who the fuck sent you over here nigga? I’ll smack the shit out ya uncle whoever nigga, what)
Where you know me from?
(You know where the fuck you at nigga? This my shit, my shit homie)
Where you know me from?
(I never heard of you Duke, keep bangin’ mother fucker, Lyfer Gang)

I run through that shortcut, let the shotty buck
Hit them pussy niggas make em lose a body part
Had niggas sick when they see that masi park
Hopped out rocking the suedefade wally clarke’s
I been through shit niggas have not seen
Wash the dishes bitch get them pots clean
I’m like the shootin’ guard on the top team
Wig shot made his top lean
Left him laid out front of the liquor store
Seen his brains hit the windows said that’s it for sure
I got the rap game in the figure four
Top ten verses of the year I got like six or more
Free my dog behind the prison wall
Ma niggas take ya money like it isn’t yours
I don’t want the yayo if it isn’t pure
So don’t hit my phone unless you want a brick or more

Where you know me from?
Watch ya mother fuckin mouth nigga
Where you know me from?

I got that NEMS you gettin’ fat money
Bank account say I’m movin’ bricks, that’s just hat money
Boy knock that bitch nigga out in front of police
Bail and lawyers on me, I got that money
Bout to hire a team of workers to ship and deliver my merchandise
That’s staff money, ain’t that funny
Cause I remember there were nights I didn’t have money
Did it on my own and you never can take that from me
Come and try nigga I’ll put you in a coma
They say it’s lonely at the top, well ’ve always been a loner
Bitch I’ll make ya boyfriend go to the store to buy me dutches and I don’t even smoke
Cuz he a doja
Yea I don’t smoke and I hate drinkin’
But I’ll shoot you right in front of ya bitch like Abe Lincoln (bahng!)
Was at a barbecue earlier
Ma man said “Gorilla, how you not signed to a label? What is they thinkin’?”
I said it won’t be long ‘fore they acknowledge it
Built my whole shit off of skills, I never politic
Real niggas and college kids
Know they ain’t a rapper as hot as this
Even if there was I’d fuckin rock their shit
Where you know me from?

Uh-huh, oh yea?
Then let me hold a gun
Fuck outta here nigga