Westwards We're Headed Songtext

Lucky Jim

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Westwards We're Headed Songtext
The flowers smell sweet the trees sway like dancers
With song in their branches
If you should be listening

To valleys the sun has been wedded
So westwards we're headed
The cool wind is whispering

I'm looking for God you're looking for something
It isn't the same thing
Let's not mix our metaphors

I'll keep to the sky you watch the horizon
If there's a star rising
Careful what you're wishing for

The vista is blue
My thoughts turn to you
I wonder darling is your love still true

The night's coming on I feel it's my duty
To sing you your beauty
To offer my heart in song

And people forget that love is redemption
There is no exemption
Hear now that my heart is strong

I've been here before
Alone at your door
I'm back again your weary troubadour