We Dig With Fingers Crossed Songtext

The Undoing Of David Wright

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We Dig With Fingers Crossed Songtext
Down we go with rusted tools
We dig with fingers crossed
And through our hands reach deeper still
Our lungs in shallow air lie caught

In wee hours the night lies dead
Hallowed ground is what we tread
Scraping by is all we do
But soon and very soon we'll be resting too
Dig! Dig! Can you dig it? Can you dig?

And down we go on blackened wings
We've come to change our fates
But if eyes of God see through this fog
The Devil will await

Make haste my friends: the candle burns
We've no time 'til the watch returns
Hide us now oh rock of ages
Roll past the light, disguise our faces

And now we run like damned fools
Our sinful starlit schemes
May wicked whims and lifeless limbs
Never haunt my dreams

Run! Run! Run! Run!