Waving At Trains Songtext
If there was anything to say
I've said it all
my special way
if there was anything to do
I've done the best
I could for you
and if there's something that ramains
it's nothing but waving at trains
nothing but waving at trains
If there was something I forgot
I'm pretty sure
there was a lot
I didn't mean you any harm
I overheard
the last alarm
seems I'm just happy when it rains
so busy with waving at trains
so busy with waving at trains

as all old lovers say
is a healer
we've long lost that belief
no matter how we pray
is a stealer
why can't it steal our grief

If there is something I can do
to ease your hurt
get through to you
just dial my number let me know
don't be afraid
to let it show
reach out for me I'll share your pains
the both of us waving at trains
the both af us waving at trains