Wake Up Songtext
So why you keep your head down when you're in front of your mentality?
You'll never be free if you're too shy to keep your own idea
I wanna tell you one thing my friend
I wanna explain you how to lead yourself
Not always count on your friend
Not only count on your fucking friend

Wake up man,leave your old fucking mentality
All things you've learned, forget it
All things you wanted, run and take it
Don't be affraid when you're confronting the authority
Sometimes it's ok, but sometimes it's too much
So, say what you think and you'll be proud

Create your system, beleive in yourself, create your life
Beleive in your god
Do you understand ? It's not a law, not an obligation, it's just a trick
To built your civilization

Your attitude leaves you to death
It's time to change, not to die
This is the end of your lies

Freedom is yours, be hardcore
Don't be quiet, open your eyes
The first time you live your life