Wage War Against Myself Songtext


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Wage War Against Myself Songtext
Wage war against myself again x2

Wake up, wrong side again, I'm overheating... I can't seem to catch my breath...
(I'm barely breathing, everything is becoming sore)
Running, these gray clouds travel behind of me, should I let go
(Should i surrender, throw my body down on the floor)

My body my heart...
They are broken tired...
My mind my soul ...
So tired and numb...
Your fine be strong...
No time and life is short...
Hate life hate me...
Wage my war

Verse 2
Beaten up, and broken down, I can't find myself... The lights are fading around me...
(My eyes are open, its becoming harder to see)
Abcess and broken tracks, these scars remind me... Of what comes next
(Should i surrender, set myself free)

(Repeat Chorus)

Someone help me, pick me up again... White robed, halo, without you I can't win
Waging war against myself, fighting me and no one else. (we can have it all back, we can have it all back)

Wage war on me I swear, I won't give in
Wage war on me I swear, I won't be defeated