The Voice Songtext
(Beat it up, Bavaro)
I just lost my dawg to the streets, no, I can't shed no tear, huh
I lost it all just to be right here (Nah, for real, yeah)

I just lost my brother to the streets, don't know what happened
I ain't lookin' for peace, I want that action
I need 'bout fifty-thousand dollars worth of static
Fully automatic, really livin' tragic
And I was really in the streets, came up off tragedy
When you get left inside your sleep for all that agi'
Bottles comin' in inside my section
Money comin' in, no second guessin'
Got a Goyard bag for the ladies
Gotta stack all this paper up for my bredrens
Gotta stack all this paper up for his child
And if they ever kill me then I'm goin' out in style
I just did a few for you, Hou, go and check the dial
I really miss my niggas, fuck this rappin' shit
I'm just tryna see how much the stacks I get
I've been gone for a minute, I'll be back again
When they took my dawg, ain't want to rap again
All this fentanyl, you wouldn't have trapped again
Knocked up at the door, this just is paranoia
The fed's up on the phone, them niggas lookin' for you
I be in L.A. with the machine, gettin' litty
'Course I had a choice, I chose to leave by my city
But when I get back, it's Rolls-Royce for my city
God just called my phone, said I'm the voice of my city
No one ever did it how I did it (Yeah)
Turned up and terrorized our city
How the fuck did you die before you ever seen me? (Yeah)
Turn the whole city off
Teardrops in the Cullinan, ah
Blood drops for my brother, they want more, ah
Yeah, I come from the trenches, baby
Please don't judge me, baby
For me, love me, baby
Please don't judge me, baby, oh-ah
Yeah, my chance with love is just not the same (Yeah)
Love when we fuckin', you say my name (Yeah)
Good love goin' bad and it's me to blame
Hop around the city just lookin' for ya
Pay Miami rent and pay half a child (Oh-ah)
Just know that I wouldn't do it for you
Push [?] for you
I can't name a nigga who gon' die for you like I'd die for you
I can't name a problem I can't solve, I rang up time for you
Just know it's all for ya, baby
Just know it's all—