Untitled Songtext
[Quotations from the movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind]

"I had you pegged didn't I?"

"You had the whole world pegged..."

"Ha, probably."
"I still thought you were going to save my life, even after that."

I stumble into your room and I freeze

Because the way you hold your eyes in mine sometimes, paralyzes me

Better than any anesthesia after any accident

Or the shock of every car wreck that I've ever been in

And you should know if I still had my soul in my name

It would be yours in a blink

I've got a fever of one hundred and three
And I'm exactly where I want to be

And you let me sleep between your sheets

Despite the heaving of my breathing and the beating of my chest

That never ceases to scream your name

In every song that I sing and every dream that I claim

And you should know that you're the best thing that I've found

And she loves lilies and doves and me

In the best way that she can

And for that I am so grateful and so thankful

And I know that she can't stand to see me on my knees in desperate elegance.

"Was it something I said?"

"Yeah, you said, 'so go' with such disdain, you know?"

"Come back and make up a goodbye at least, let's pretend we had one..."

I just want to paint my world in hues of orange and white