Unowhtsayn Songtext
[Large Professor]
They say an apple a day keeps the scalpel away
If I'm out in NY or I'm out in LA
X-P, Large ProTools, go deep like a boat cruise
My brother Nate helped me light the fuse
So I could detonate poems to your domes that resonate
A million thousand years of hot devastatin
Classics, stick to your ribs, Michael Jackson
All-star status, pause, stop the madness
I'm the listenin to Sean Hann, who the catfish (???)
Doin' backflips to the mattress, screwin
That chick, that's awesome, frontin, that'll cost em'
Everybody in the place cheer for the boss dog
Get ya boss on', this here's your song
I perform without breathin like ???
Rollin purp, or solemn and burp, I'm stayin
True to the G-A-M-E, know what I'm sayin?

You know what I'm sayin?
You- you- you- you know what I'm saying?
(repeat 4x)

[Large Professor]
Balls burst when I drop a verse, takin hip-hop
To church, when I'm done you need a doctor or nurse
Cause I'm killin' it, feelin' it, pen rhymes that's brilliant
Til' we in, really in, big shout to Jillian [Hi baby!]
Flushing Queens on the map of New York
When I drive by bumping new tracks, roof off
They promoting, treble exact, bass is potent
There's no thing, holding it back now, it's so in
and poppin, I go in and losin ain't a option
You nod your brain to my latest concoction
So move out the lane while I claim it for pops and
Moms, who got qualms, I lock arms
For the family, but try to live amicably
In the streets and I slide you a animal beat
From AM to PM, I'm layin
Hardcore tracks you keep replayin, know what I'm sayin?


Turn it up on the DAW, crank the speakers loud
Throw the beer on, pull them fresh sneakers out
Roll or ride out, cause it's hot out
Fill me up with some beers at the hide out
Throw a shout out to the bredren
Living legend Large Pro I'm out here, find out
Look at the body count, chillin beyond a doubt
Doing laps in the mall with the charge account
Quick to march them out, single file
To the lair after we leave there, that's what I'm talking about
Through word of mouth, I announce it
Then arouse the gathering from here to dirty south
Hot off the presses, with freshness
And I dot all the I's and I'm crossing the S's
With my presence, MCing and DJing
Day in and day out we creating, know what I'm sayin?



This is Large Professor
Lettin' y'all know
Ya got love for me,
I got love for you
Shout out to Distro-Board and EQ (???)
Know what I'm sayin?

(Thanks to Evan Cesanek for these lyrics)