Union Of The Heart Songtext

Johnny Logan

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Union Of The Heart Songtext
Johnny Logan

Union Of The Heart

By: Sean Sherrard

Can you feel that beat of your heart

One rhythm, one movement

One dream, waiting to start

One chorus everyone can sing

Look to the children, tomorrow will bring

Can you see the look in their eyes

One look, one freedom

No need for anger or lies
One union we can all belong

Divided we may fall, but together we're strong

And as long as we have a voice

We can say the things we feel

´Cause as long as we have a choice

we can choose to make it real

It's time to believe in a union of the heart

Step by step, everybody takin´ part

Brothers and sisters, joined hand in hand

One union, a brotherhood of man

A union of the heart

Can you feel the presence of love

Changing the atmosphere

Reach out, you're strong enough

One feeling everyone can share

The power of the heart to know

And the power to care