U Still Here Songtext


von Sunset Diary

U Still Here Songtext
And you still fucking broke bitches, huh
Yeah, I can't fall in love with no bitches
Money came first, that's the difference, you a broke nigga
Thinking bout the shirt, I'm busy thinking bout the coat ringer
Yellow jacket on and I'm bringing out the big stingers
Big wad, I got cash for the road runner
Duck Tales, big nose, baby, I'm a road killer
Smoking Gas, so I feel trilla
Made a couple racks off of snippets from an old Triller
Model nigga, Ben Stiller
What's the move? It's get richer
My house is pretty big, but I know that shit can get bigger
Fresh squeezed, I put these lemons in my gold pitcher
Stuck on a nigga, I swear these boys are gold diggers
Worried 'bout the shit, I take my time I'm a cold pisser
Ask yo mom, how she came up with a gold finger
Beerus, I'm at the top of the galaxy
Blue haired nigga, I got instant anatomy
I'm not surprised your partner's mad at me
I know it's hard to deal with the fact that I'm making cheese