Trees Of The Ages Songtext

Laura Nyro

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Trees Of The Ages Songtext
Trees of the ages

you stroll past them

they toss, shimmer in the wind

You stroll by them

you won't outlast them
they know everything

hello, hello

trees of the ages


hello, hello, only you

can keep my peaceful dreams

Sweep of the trees

energy spirals

co-existing in a glow
Believe in a tree

Trees know what every

zen master needs to know

hello, hello

trees of the evening

and the dawn

hello, hello

so good to those who stroll along

It is known

in special circles

tree elves guide the way

high above

what people break

elves rebuild each day

Oh, they live in strange places

magic traces

in trees of the ages

the green love in the world

strollin' at ease

in the great green harmonies