Too Much I Love Songtext
Too much I love this world You made
Her colors sting like death
Her shapes and movements drown my heart
Her beauties halt my breath
Her vistas, music, flavors and smells
My frailties overrun
I often swoon when shines her moon
Nor dare outstare her sun

I live on brinks of sweet-sickness
So much a boy should bear
If rumored heaven betters this
I beg for new eyes there
New ears to listen, more supple tongue
To mimic holy tunes
And simpler nose to fill my lung
With long-forgot perfumes

But if you choose to change me not
Please offer mercy's cover
Lest I should die where death is not
And spoil New Eden's lovers
Too much I love this world You made
She echoes better places
And homesicks me 'til we shall see
Direct, with unveiled faces