Thy Word, O God, Declareth Songtext


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Thy Word, O God, Declareth Songtext
Thy Word, O God, declareth

No man hath seen or heard

The joys our God prepareth

For them that love their Lord.

Their eyes shall see Thy glory,
Thy face, Thy throne, Thy might;

With shouts shall they adore Thee,

The true, eternal Light.

With Thee, their warfare ended,

Thy saints, from earth released,

Shall keep, with glories splendid,

Eternal holy feast.

There shall Thy sons and daughters

The tree of life partake,
Shall drink the living waters,

And bread with Thee shall break.

Thy constant praises sounding

Before Thy great white throne,

They all in joy abounding

Shall sing the song unknown;

Laud, honor, praise, thanksgiving

And glory ever be

To Thee, the everlasting

And blessèd Trinity.