This Could Be Songtext


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This Could Be Songtext
This could be when your life comes crashing down,

whos around to drown out your crying,
From a time you were everything but now its so insignificant.
This could be a time you truly need a friend,
to watch you drink yourself to sleep at night,
into a day when i was strong but now im much too weak to fight.

This could be all we ever are just we dont like to see it that way,
wothless weeks pass by maybe we just should try so much harder,
When i look to the sky, i dont need an answer, no more

We are so weak just far too scared to stop apologising.
We are so scared and far away so whats the use in hiding.

Our love destroys everything we could ever have,
and you dont see it now were so blind,
When hate takes over and watches us die,
drowning, im drowning in your arms