The Sow Submits Songtext

Kayo Dot

von Blue Lambency Downward

The Sow Submits Songtext
Slowly relieve the sow
From her revolving white out
Releasing groans in quiet telepathy
A weight no cradle can hold

Answer no blood-diluted question
The floorboards bow so lethargically
Releasing groans no cradle can hold

A mild avenue to think
A body turns to body mild
Pale in shadow, left untethered
Begins again a blanched cascade
Endlessly draining through the eyelid
Sublime display, upside-down

Gently augmenting the weight
Lowly, lowly, lowly, lowly allow
Seeing how the variant victims are arrayed
A burden I can't even keep myself awake
Tie her to the endpost while she deflates