The Sky Songtext
see the sky
i ssee you say something ,can't hear them

*now the morning Sun's waiting to rise,
(i'm) wide awake and freezing
the sky have all the shades of blue,clear enough to cry
if fears and tears were the only things,
which could move your heart
cold light of morning stars are fading
[remember the pettern of your shirts
i couldn't keep my eyes open
'cos the Sun was too sharp]

*[were you smilimg? were you crying?
i've lost my way to get back where we were]

the pale moon is floating in dawning sky
now i wish,i only wish you ease me

*when you raised your eyes,you're smiling
looked into my eyes
we listened to the ebb and flow of the distant sea
you whispered to me that i was like sweet to your heart
your hasky voice made me a little sad

[the black and white photographs reminds
me of that cloudy silver skies
were you really there? where you really talking to me?
we've lost our way to get back where we were]

now i've forgotten many thing
hard to find the way to say to you,see the sky
now i wish,i only wish you ease me
but the night wing,only brings dead silence