The New Asthma Songtext
there were certain days
that i knew you were drinking
fumes running on your breath
rum and coke
down your throat

eyes were rolling round
and you swore like a sailor
too drunk to let me drive
a glass of wine
in your hands all the time

and i won't say that i'm sorry
because you walked out on me
i still hear your
slippers scuffing the carpet
i'm waiting for an apology

i cried in the driveway
it was parked to impress
when he grabbed your ass
and went inside
now's the time
to run and hide

he's looking out the window
now he's looking at me
and his eyes open wide and shiny
do you want to go for a ride
now get inside

with his brown hair
and his big hands
he eventually
put on me
the old recliner
and scar of humility

summer and the swings
i was only a kid
i was high above the marigolds
down below
we watched them grow
windows open voices
falling out from the tress
the children playing down below
talking low
but talking low

and that summer is when it happened
when you couldn't look at me
when i yelled out
it's like you never met me
and i set his car on fire