The Lowering Songtext
If I had known, your heart was down
That lonely day in Greenvilletown
Then I would have been more concerned
But later on, I truly learned
How it can feel in every bone
To really see that you're all alone

But I'll, I'll kiss your head
When death finds your bed
And you are gone

And if I had seen the way it would be
I'd hush your cries when you came to me
If I could do what I did to you
The same to me, and I would love for you to see

That I sleep with remorse
And regret hangs round my door Forevermore

And if I had known the lowering tide
Was lowering with the way you felt inside
If I had Known all hope was gone
A broken heart and a broken home
That pierced my lover's past
And carved a lonely path for her to walk

So if ever someone says to you
"Life isn't fair, get used to it"
Then you should say
"Well it might be
If folks like you would let it be"

But I'll, I'll kiss your head
When death becomes my bed
And I am gone.