The Girl Songtext
You know I have this feeling you're not like the other ones, don't ask me why
I want to take you in my arms and hold you till it passes as you cry
Don't really know what's good for you but all that I can do is truly try
But at the end of promises and moments, there is always goodbye
There is always goodbye

And every night I dream of you, I hold your hand in mine
An underlying need to fill the emptiness inside
And if you were here with me now, I'd stop the hands of time
This night would last forever and we'd never say goodbye

Enough of solitude tonight
This time is ours and
The light has burned away from the skies
From the skies

We are not who we used to be
This time is ours, we are free
But I see goodbye in your eyes
Goodbye in your eyes

In your eyes