The Flies Inside Songtext


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The Flies Inside Songtext
They didn't want your hand.

They didn't understand.

They didn't want you or your friends.

They didn't want your rules.

They thought you were a fool.
They burnt their candle at both ends.

Now you're all alone,

and you're running scared.

You're all alone,

and you weren't prepared,

for anything like this.

You'd better run and hide.

They've got you on their list,

and they've got flies inside.

They don't want your nobility,

They don't want your guarantee.

They're gonna come and beat

you up again.

They're gonna come and

they'll get you.

They'll get all your friends too.

They've got a stick and it's

sharpened at both ends.

You just saw your best friend splatter.

You just saw the conch shell shatter.

Now it's time for you to run again.

You'd better run and get away,

or you won't see another day.

They're gonna burn the island

at both ends.