The Dark Flames (of Madness' Queen) Songtext


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The Dark Flames (of Madness' Queen) Songtext
Forever the sad tears of dawn
In darkness claim for liberty
In never no sign of life
To our dreams

Illusions comes from the other side
To take us all in flood of tears
The hope's lost while comes the pain
In flames of fear
Bridge: The Darkness claim for liberty
And the light in your eyes (that) blinds me
Shows the black face of all this farce

The brave kings – just a side of the mask
In a lost land full of holy sins
The shine of flames unmask your eyes
And kills my thoughts

Bridge : The Madness screams insanitly
In fire of this holy scorn
The hypocrisy smiles with no regrets

Chorus: And flames in your eyes I see
But I can't dry all your tears
While hands of madness still rules in all this land
The king of kings and his pride
Sits down on his throne of lies
While the Dark Flames of Madness' Queen still burning