The Bards Alliance Songtext


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The Bards Alliance Songtext
Sometimes I think in old things
So I fly far away from (this) darken skies
In a flash I find myself
In a place between my fears and hopes
(in) Lorien
I sit down and play my old pipe
And my anguish fading for a while
My old friends is all around me
Together we all sang the song of my old twisted mind
Bridge: I lost my memories
In a single bottle of wine
(And) I don't want return (no more)
From my dreams

Sometimes we need a few of
This magic that make us wonder why
And if we really need
Carry on (with) our fools causes
Or must change our mind

Bridge2: I find me in a Battle Field
But I see the bards around my eyes
And so I Sing

Chorus: (I) Can Lost the battle
Lost the game and don't return
But I stay in the Bards' Alliance
Cause I know that coming home
I don't go
While I can live in this mystic dream

Coral Voz 1: (I) can lost the battle
Lost the game and don't return to barren lands
Forgot the past, forgot my name
And don't return

Voz 2: I'm lost in Lorien but the bards will come
To play my song

Voz 3: Don't return, don't return, Don't return
I'll don't return