Teen Lament Songtext
I was holding an invitation to meet some danger around the corner from an evil love affair Something told me feet get tread to be movign 'cause I felt like I weren't going anywhere I took a walk past the church house of my family the one that left me feeling solo and for dead I was sickly with all those ghosts floating in my bottle so I poured them in the pavement and I said If Jesus is coming, he better come on If Jesus is coming, he better come on 'cause I'm tired of running I'll get what's coming down at the altar of my youth I snuck in through the oak doors of the chapel and I lay my weary body on the pew red crushed velvet 'neath my halo I was ready to see his face and I tell him exactly what he could do The sun came shining through the stained glass. I must've fallen fast asleep through the night then something told me feet get ready to be moving 'cause I felt like shedding some of the light